The legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada has become an ongoing topic in politics and in the public realm since 2018. Canada is now the largest exporter of legal cannabis in the world, ahead of the Netherlands. The Canadian cannabis market more than doubled in value between 2019 and 2020, increasing to $2.6 billion from $1.2 billion. In some areas, it has resulted in the emergence of a multibillion-dollar industry, new jobs and tax revenue.

As the cannabis industry grows to maturity, so do challenges and the regulatory environment. With the imminent House passage of the MORE Act, Canada’s advantage in the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry is at the mercy of changing political tides in the United States and elsewhere. Cannabis businesses are facing pressure from excessive taxes and domestic and international competition.

There has been a constant demand for federal and governmental support in easing taxes and regulations on the cannabis sector in Canada. Businesses also strive to stabilize the cost of production and retail to get ready for the economic and competitive opportunity. If you are a cannabis company, an investor or potential investor, you know there are considerable issues and challenges rapidly approaching.

Recent Statistic

In 2019, Canopy Growth Corporation was the Canadian company with the highest market capitalization in the global cannabis industry.
In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States (US$87.99bn in 2022).
By 2025, spending on legal cannabis is expected to reach over 33 billion dollars worldwide.
The total medical cannabis market in Canada stood at 444 million Canadian dollars in 2021.
Sales of legal adult-use cannabis reached an all-time high in Canada in 2020 at a value of 2.6 billion Canadian dollars. Recreational use sales began in October of 2018 and totaled 152 million Canadian dollars in that year.
Data sourced from

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Digital Transformation In Cannabis Industry

As the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated ecommerce growth into the future, more cannabis businesses have expanded their dispensary online and turned to digital transformation to reach a larger consumer base and provide better services to their existing customers. Traditional point solutions and manual processes are slowly being replaced with modern data-driven technology and enterprise solutions that streamline operations, increase efficiency, reduce risk, and lower cost.

The distribution of data on different platforms can cost businesses time, effort, and money to store, gather, manage, and analyze for making decisions. An integrated ecosystem is the solution to a rapidly growing market that calls for instant responses to changing regulations and timely services. By gathering data in one system that is capable of overseeing almost all aspects of a business, cannabis companies can gain unprecedented insight into their business performance and operation and make well-informed decisions and come up with optimal solutions.

Here’s how Digital Transformation has impacted the Cannabis Industry:

01. Marijuana cultivation has advanced substantially with specialized technology. From moisture readings to lighting controls, investing in an environmental control system that cannot only automate the environment, but also provide programs that can act accordingly to the needs of the plans and even anticipate specific events such as watering or feeding cycle can greatly reduce costs and waste associated with personnel, lighting, water usage, waste, and more.

With enhanced LED grow light systems, growers can get a better and more controlled quality of lighting system. Plus, cannabis growing facilities can enjoy the plants growing and thriving, with uniform color and light distribution across all parts of the plants.

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02. Marijuanna has become increasingly accessible with legalization. One can purchase weed from a dispensary or have it delivered right to their doorstep with online shopping. Several cannabis businesses have invested in user-friendly websites and apps that allow their customers to order recreational or medicinal marijuana from the comfort of their home. Information on a specific strain’s accessible cannabis products ate only a touch of a button away.

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03. Retailers and sales distributors invest significant time and resources to keep up with inventory management, and the various tax and compliance intricacies. Leveraging and combining data from all systems to analyze seed-to-sale functionality will provide the tools necessary to manage financials and customers, produce accurate reports and regulate inventory from planting to final sale.

Integrating the right cloud-based e-commerce platform that factors in regulations by state will have a positive and critical impact on timing and supply management. These platforms are designed to connect nearly every aspect of the supply chain, from tracking plants during growth and production, to comprehensive client databases, automated prescription management, and most importantly, data on quality assurance and compliance.

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As the cannabis sector in Canada grows to maturity, so too grows the requirement for excellence in digital space.

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