CDAP: Get $15,000 of Government Funding for your Business

As a certified digital advisor, Advesa is prepared to amplify your business technology using this Canadian government grant program.

Digital transformation can be a complex journey without the right guide and compass to help you throught it

In Budget 2021, the Government of Canada announced the $4 billion Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to help:

  • Get your business online
  • Give your e-commerce presence a boost
  • Digitize your business’s operations

The program is delivered through two streams—Grow Your Business Online (Stream 1) and Boost Your Business Technology (Stream 2), each designed to help businesses in different stages.

Boost Your Business Technology Program

Many of the businesses we work with can use the Boost Your Technology Program (CDAP Stream 2). Within this grant program stream, your organization can focus on:


Improve your information technology and infrastructure

Improve your ecosystem of tools related to information systems and technology.


Digitize operations & employee experience

Optimize your existing
business operations to reduce cost, drive efficiency, and increase effectiveness.


Digital customer experience

Create digital platforms to engage with new and existing
customers in meaningful ways.


Create a new digital venture or product

Implement new business models and products.

Get up to


to build your digital action plan

Work with an approved digital advisor, like Advesa, to build a plan to engage in digital transformation activities for your business.

The grant covers 90% of the eligible costs, up to a maximum of $15,000

Grant value is reimbursed by the Government of Canada upon completion

Let's Get Started


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We can walk you through the process and help you determine
your eligibility.


Create your account and confirm your eligibility for the CDAP Grant
Create Your Account

Create your account and confirm your eligibility for the CDAP Grant

  • Create your account
  • Confirm your eligibility
  • Apply for your CDAP grant
  • Fill out the DNA: A web-based assessment


Complete a Pre-Discovery Workshop

Most engagements with Advesa start with a Pre-Discovery Workshop, where we delve deep into your business to understand it thoroughly. Post-workshop, we present a customized project proposal based on our findings. Once agreed upon, you'll appoint Advesa as your dedicated
digital advisor.


Build your digital action plan

Your digital action plan is made up of three parts:

  • An analysis of your current state
  • Prioritized digital adoption strategies and gaps
  • An action roadmap to get you from your current to desired future state


Submit your plan for reimbursement

We will provide you with an invoice that must be paid before you can submit your request for reimbursement.

Put your plan into action

Once you’ve created your plan, CDAP Stream 2 helps you lower the financial burden of implementing some of your digital action items with these two funding programs.

Qualify for a 0% interest loan from BDC for up to $100,000

  • You have 1 year from the completion of your approved digital adoption plan to make a loan request
  • The no-fee loan has a 5-year term with 12-months capital postponement
  • Apply online in just a few clicks via your unique link from ISED

Funded work placement

  • Receive a wage subsidy of up to $7,300 to hire talent through the funded work placement
  • Applications will be selected on the basis of offering a valuable learning experience for a post-secondary student or recent graduate (within 2 years) aged 18-30

Let’s get started now

Before we start, let’s determine your eligibility.

CDAP is eligible to businesses that:

  • Are Canadian-owned
  • Have at least 1 and less than 500 employees
  • Have had at least $500,000 in annual revenue in 1 of the last 3 years

If you meet these criteria, let’s get started.