What is Digital Transformation and How Can it Improve Your Business?

Digital transformation is the process of reimagining business through digital technologies. Companies have been aware of digital transformation for years and have been trying to dig into it. However, in the past few years, this strategy has received a lot of light as businesses begin to see its potential.

Digital transformation may sound like another buzzword, but it’s not just a new trend; it’s a change that can help companies stay relevant in today’s world. In this blog post, we will explain what digital transformation is and how it can improve your business. If you’re ready to learn more about digital transformation and how you can leverage these strategies to grow your business, read on! 

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of reimagining business through digital technologies. It’s a change in the way companies do business using digital tools, software, and an integrated technology approach. A digital transformation strategy is a lot more than just adding a few new tools to your business. It’s about changing your entire business model to take advantage of new technologies that have the potential to improve your business in many ways. 

Digital transformation efforts aren’t just about adding new technologies to your business. It’s about rethinking how your entire business works and how you can deliver your products and services in a better way. It can actually help you achieve a lot more than just adding a few new technologies to your business. It can help you improve customer engagement, increase productivity, and grow your revenue.

How Can Digital Transformation Benefit Your Business?

There are many ways that digital transformation strategies can benefit your business. If we look at the year 2020 with COVID, brick-and-mortar stores had to close, but online businesses could still operate. Bringing your business online is now a necessity for long-term growth. But digital transformation isn’t just about operating online, it’s about using digital solutions for your business. Here are some benefits of using technology.

Customer Engagement:

As customers become more digitally savvy, it’s important that you meet them where they are. By investing in the digital transformation journey, you’re helping to transform your business to meet your customers where they are. 

By integrating digital technologies into your business processes, you can provide customers with better self-service capabilities, which can help you resolve issues more quickly. You can also use these technologies to provide your customers with more personalized and relevant experiences. 

This can help you retain customers by keeping them happy and satisfied. Digital transformation can also help you improve your customer acquisition process by investing in new technologies and marketing campaigns that meet your customers where they are.

Digital Productivity:

With the rise of various digital technologies and digital businesses, you can enhance your productivity by making your work processes more efficient and automated. You can also make your business more agile by integrating business processes across departments, teams, and geographies

Digital transformation can help you improve your operational and capital efficiency by enabling your business processes with automation and business insights, making your operations more predictable.

Improved Growth:

Keep up with the rapid pace of technology. Never let it impact your business or slow you down. You’ll be able to adapt quickly and smoothly to the digital age business models.

Digital transformation is happening in almost every industry and customers are expecting the change. Businesses need to adapt to an online mindset in order to keep up with the competition and continue to grow.

The role and impact of digital transformation are growing. The digitalization strategy is a key component for ensuring the best value to customers while improving cost-effectiveness, innovation and differentiation.

Those transforming industries that have been in the business environment are now turning their attention toward digital transformation. They’ll impact the entire industry faster than we ever saw.

Why Do Organizations Struggle with Digital Transformation?

Although there are many benefits to digital transformation strategies, many organizations struggle with the process. Three main issues that organizations face when trying to implement a digital transformation process are the inability to prioritize transformation activities, the lack of understanding of how the transformation will generate value, and a lack of resources to implement transformation projects. 

Organizations struggle to prioritize transformation activities because they are unclear about what digital transformation means for their business. They may also have a misconception that transformation is a very long and expensive process with digital technologies

When organizations don’t understand how the transformation will generate value for the business, they have a hard time convincing stakeholders to invest in the initiative. This may be due to a lack of communication about the business benefits that digital transformation is expected to deliver. 

Finally, organizations have a hard time implementing transformation projects because they don’t have the necessary resources. This may be due to a lack of resources in the organization (or a lack of prioritization of transformation projects). Your digital transformation efforts need to take action to ensure the business processes will thrive.

3 Steps to Achieve Digital Transformation Strategy Success

If you want to achieve digital transformation efforts with success, it’s important that you follow a strategic approach to make sure your organization is prepared for this change. If you follow these three steps, you can be sure that your organization is ready for digital transformation initiatives. 

Identify areas of opportunity – Before you can dive into the transformation journey, you need to understand where you are now and how you can improve your business with digital transformation. To do this, you need to conduct a business analysis and create a Digital Transformation Roadmap. This roadmap should include your organization’s current state, areas for improvement, and your transformation strategy. 

Map your transformation journey – Once you’ve identified the areas where you can improve your business with digital transformations, you need to map out your transformation journey. It’s not necessarily creating new business models. It’s about improving the existing model. During this step, you should define the transformation approach and identify the key project stakeholders. You also want to create a budget and schedule for your transformation journey. This will help you stay focused and on track with your transformation projects. 

Build your transformation capability – Once you’ve mapped out your transformation journey, you need to build your transformation capability. This means you have to make sure your organization is ready for digital transformation. 

You can achieve this by making sure the organization’s digital transformation strategy is part of the culture. You also want to make sure that digital transformation projects are prioritized, and that your team has the necessary skills and resources.

Other Operations for Creating a Digital Transformation

The Government of Canada has created the CDAP. The Canada Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP) is an initiative that is intended to help small and medium-sized businesses boost their e-commerce presence, and run their businesses more effectively through digital technology. 

The first step in the CDAP  transformation is hiring an advisor to walk you through the process and build it. Costs will vary depending on each business. The CDAP will offer a grant of $15,00 to help with hiring an advisor.  

Here at Advesa, we are ready to help you with any questions you have about CDAP along with helping you with your Digital Transformation! We have a team of industry experts that want to see you succeed. Stepping up innovation through digital transformation has become a top priority for top leading companies in this ever-changing digital age. Contact us today!


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