Delivery management allows you to streamline logistics, boost delivery efficiency, and save money

Delivery management makes the whole process more manageable from order to doorstep. It aligns your delivery process to make it easier, more efficient and effective.

There are numerous tools in the digital space that allow the benefits of delivery management to happen without a headache. Using a dedicated software can ensure a streamlined approach to your business’s delivery.



The importance of delivery management

Delivery management improves delivery efficiency by making your organization’s logistics more simple and straightforward. The main goal is to reduce wasted effort and resources while maintaining a good delivery system.

A complicated delivery system can lead to costly expenses. A messy warehouse causes unfound packages. Lost customer data will lead to undelivered packages. Problems like these lead to unsatisfied customers.

A bad delivery system will reflect poorly on your brand’s reputation. The rise of faster shipping will continue to be the standard for customers. With long shipping times and even delays, customers will start shopping elsewhere.

Using the right delivery management system will facilitate overall efficient processes from start to finish. Businesses can have clear visibility and have full management over each package.


What effective delivery management can do for your business

01. Faster deliveries

Develop more efficient route planning for your delivery to save time. Delivery management is not about finding the shortest path. It consists of various factors, from traffic patterns, drive schedules, to vehicle capacity.

02. Improve customer satisfaction

Well-structured delivery management allows you to offer customers faster delivery options – like standard, rush and overnight delivery. Customers will also have the option to receive delivery notifications to keep them up-to-date with their packages.

03. Reduce waste

Delivery management provides your driver fuel-efficient routes that will reduce delivery time, saving you money and the environment.

04. Real-time data

A good delivery management system with route tracking gives your drivers, managers and customers real-time data about their package. Data enables you to enhance convenience for everyone. The more data you have the better you can run your operation.

05. Improve communication

Delivery management systems allow streamlined communication among everyone involved. All information will be present in the database. Managers or drivers won’t have to waste time looking for information elsewhere.

06. Increased productivity

It’s the basis of a good delivery management system. Better workflow in the warehouse and on the road equals smooth and timely deliveries, which leads to more satisfied customers.


General Delivery

55% of shoppers in the US prefer same-day delivery to any other time of arrival.

(Data from Statista)

Market and Demand Growth For Last Mile Delivery

This will see the last mile delivery market grow to $91.5 billion by 2030. A $79.5 billion rise compared to the value in 2019.

(Data from Statista)

Innovations in Delivery

43% of companies that adopt delivery automation and management have seen significant or moderate help during the pandemic.

(Data from Supplychaindive)

Delivery and Customer Experience

86% of customers are willing to pay more for products and services, and buy more from companies that offer a great customer experience.

(Data from Zendesk)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is yes. Businesses might not know the best way to handle their delivery process, which is okay. There are companies like Advesa that have spent the time developing and creating delivery management systems to streamline the process for everyone they work with.

Delivery management is about streamlining the delivery process from the warehouse to a customer’s doorstep and everything in between. Using digital tools we can better optimize the delivery system and ensure a more efficient process.

The two most important aspects would-be customers and time. Customers expect a higher level of delivery satisfaction from quicker delivery times and up-to-date information about their packages. The other aspect of time involves cost. The longer it takes your company to deliver something to a customer, the more costly the process will become.

Data, data and more data. Data is key in understanding your own delivery management system to see what’s working and what’s not. If you don’t have a process to capture delivery times, order fulfillments or anything else along those lines, it’s time to use a delivery management system.

The whole process of a delivery management system is to be more manageable from order to doorstep. The benefits from that include faster deliveries, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, real-time data, and so much more.

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