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J.C.Penny Pioneers The Use of Digital Advisor and AR Try-on Makeup Among Department Stores

J.C.Penney partnered with Reverie to offer a skincare advisor and AR try-on capabilities for its shoppers on Thursday, September 8th. 

The department store launched an AI driven skincare adviser experience, which employs diagnostics technology to analyze selfies and provide recommendations for a personalized skincare routine.  

In addition, J.C.Penny also released AR makeup try-on capabilities. 

As a part of their effort to execute a new beauty concept, J.C.Penny is turning to technology to leverage their customer experience after their previous partner, Sephora teamed up with Kohl’s. The vision centers around inclusivity, which entails selling a variety of products across the mass, masstige and prestige categories. 

“We want to be the shopping destination of choice, offering a personalized approach that fully celebrates and honors them as unique individuals,” says Michelle Wlazlo, Chief Merchandising Officer at JCPenney. “Our partnership with Revieve allows us to deliver on our customers’ desire for personalization regardless of age, gender, race, skin tone, beauty regimen, or budget.”

The update came into effect and has been made available to 10 stores in October 2020, with inclusive beauty site Thirteen Lune serving as a flagship partner. The department store aims to roll out this offering to all of its locations by 2023. 

JCPenny’s Skincare Advisor leveraged Revieve’s proprietary Skin Diagnostics technology and AI-powdered product recommendations as a seamless, end-to-end experience in which consumers can find a personalized skincare routine with a simple selfie. 

The updated features allow visitors to take or upload a selfie and answer a quick questionnaire about their skin type and issues in order to receive in-depth skincare therapy and product suggestions. Through Skin Diagnostics technology, Revieve analyzes over 120 skin elements to provide users with a comprehensive sense of their skin and to recommend JCPenny Beauty products and skincare education based on their requirements. 

Personalized product recommendations and AR try-on capabilities have been made popular for years since the pandemic halted in-store makeup and skincare try-on. In fact, they are more than just a trend during the pandemic. AI-powerful AR technology is predicted to take over social media platforms alongside the proliferation of beauty filters to create a better customer experience. 

Snapchat has teamed up with fashion titans such as Prada and Farfetch to introduce a new machine learning technology that utilizes ‘3D Body Mesh’ to mimic real-life fits as users try on clothing through the camera by utilizing voice-enabled controls to let the application know they want to browse and try on. In the midst of the beauty revamp, Clinique opened a “Clinique Lab” concept at Macy’s that employs diagnostic tools and facial scanning technology to analyze skin and provide product recommendations accordingly. 

As for J.C.Penny, the employment of AI and AR technologies to provide a more inclusive and seamless customer experience is a part of its effort to reinvent itself, after its bankruptcy in 2020. With customer experience being emphasized and constantly refined more than ever, personalized experiences powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality will soon become the norms for beauty retailers and other industries.

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