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Amazon Rolls Out TikTok-like Shopping Feature

Amazon announced on September 8 that it is rolling out a new in-app feature called Inspire, a content hub in a scrolling format that can be engaged with through likes and will include links to Amazon products featured. This new feature serves as a new tool for brands, influencers and other customers to create photo and video-based content, which allows customers to discover and explore products. 

The new feature will be available to select U.S. users starting early December, and will become available to all users in the country in the coming months. 

Amazon’s shoppable content update put the e-commerce giant in competition with apps like TikTok and Instagram where influencers promote products. Content creators can now promote Amazon products directly on the app and shoppers are one click away from placing their order. 

Amazon's new content hub
Amazon's newly updated content hub

“Engaging and fun short-form video content is the easiest way to get my audience’s attention,” Practically Pursia, an Amazon influencer, said in a statement. “Inspire is going to help me expand the business I’ve already built with Amazon by giving my audience the convenience of shopping items from my content within the Amazon app instead of requiring them to leave and find the item on their own. It’s genius.”

Social commerce is predicted to be an increasingly popular shopping outlet in 2023. In fact, it continues to be a growing focus for many social media apps as well as brands. Facebook leads the way as a top choice for social commerce, followed by Instagram.

In-stream commerce is a key element of TikTok’s future growth strategy, with the platform already seeing big success with its on-platform buying options in mainland China. It’s faster and more convenient to make a one-click purchase on a product you see on social media instead of clicking through a bunch of links. 

Along with the rise of user-generated content, the implementation of social commerce will help boost lead conversion, as people are more likely to trust and buy products recommended by credible influencers they choose to follow. 

Social media usage is expected to remain on an upward trajectory over the next 2-3 years, and ad spends soar in certain industries amid economic uncertainty. Growing engagement will continue to fuel social commerce and generate venues for businesses. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok will only accelerate their technical advancement.  

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