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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of using technology to create or modify your existing business. It’s not about changing it or making it something new. It allows you to make digital adaptations in order to be competitive in your industry. The business world is changing rapidly with the digital age.

Many companies are going through digital transformations due to the benefits it brings such as increased efficiency, growth, customer experience and productivity. With the digital standard that is ever advancing, businesses are doing so to also keep up with the user expectations and ongoing competitions.

Learn how to use it to your advantage.


The Benefits
of a Digital Transformation

The importance of going through digital transformation in this new digital age can no longer be overlooked. The benefits it provides for your business are too great for you to miss.

Increased efficiency

It’s about automation, organization and functional technology to help support your day to day tasks. Give yourself more time in your business.

Improved Data Collection

Collect data simultaneously in numerous ways. Choose how to collect, process and report data that is essential for your business. Get more accurate analysts about your company in real time.

Enhanced customer experience

Customers are changing with the digital age. Using technology is becoming the standard. Create a tailored customer journey when utilizing your digital transformation.

Improved Growth

Keep up with the rapid pace of technology. Never let it impact your business or slow you down. Adapt quickly and smoothly with the digital age.

Build repeatable and scalable business models


01. Define The Value

Assess current performance of all business aspects and recalibrate operation decisions to drive the ideal digital experience.

02. Secure Employee Commitment

We must be aligned with all team members so that our individual commitments work effectively towards a common goal to capitalize on the competitive landscape.

03. Set Clear Targets and Goals

Identify the current and future goals of the business. All team members need to be accountable for the goals to ensure results.

04. Define the Touchpoints

Once our objectives have been defined, we begin to map out the innovative initiatives to reach the digital customer. We start by creating a list of customer touchpoints for both online and offline.

05. Implement the Technology

Implementing technology can be seen across all the channels of your business. We only bring in or suggest technology when it benefits you. Everyone is educated and trained on all new technology.

Incorporating the right technology into your ecosystem will allow you to exceed operational efficiency for your organization and improve customer expectations. We only bring in or suggest technology when it benefits you the most.

06. Nurture a Digital Culture

All of the different touch points create an overlap in different activities. By doing so, it creates a compounding effect. We apply it to out-market and out-perform our competition.

The digital culture falls under the category of omnichannel that leverages one activity to another and will create a compounding effect that will allow us to not only capture our target audience better, but to sell better and provide a better unified customer experience.

07. Celebrate Your Milestones

Recognition is vital to success. Having milestones along the way is a key indicator of what’s working and what is not working. Take part in the celebrations and reward your team.

08. Introduce New Capabilities

Once our digital channels have been launched, we create cross-functional responsibilities that combine the activities to reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency.

09. Sequence New Initiatives

As the business continues to evolve, we must leverage the data to recalibrate our operating models to introduce new innovations and marketing initiatives that will better serve our customer needs.

Our aim is to combine smart design thinking and innovative use of technology to create a compelling digital experience for your business and users on every platform.


How we can help your business


Brand and Identity

Visual and verbal identity is the foundation upon which we craft your unique narrative - it’s the build block for your digital experience.


Business Intelligence

Leverage data and other sources of information to make better overall decisions for your business.


Customer and Order Management

We create a seamless approach to ordering products and services. Producing processes that work in every aspect of the customer journey.


Website Design and Development

We build responsive websites to solve complex business problems - websites that work just as good as they look.


Live Chat and Customer Engagement Tools

Improve customer engagement with AI-powered live chat services. Interact with your customers online.


Delivery and Order Fulfillment Solutions

Expedite deliveries and order fulfillment to keep up with demanding customers. Be on track for every inquiry.


Marketing Automation

Nurture your leads and develop an active roster of customers for a lifetime by replacing repetitive tasks with automation.


Analytics and Insights

Make critical decisions and grow from what you can measure - use data to drive personalization and increase growth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital transformation is happening in almost every industry and customers are expecting the change. Businesses need to adapt to an online mindset in order to keep up with competition and continue to grow.

A digital transformation will keep your business goals at the front and center. Any technology we bring in or suggest to use will be aligned with your goals. We are not changing your business, we are helping you adapt it.

Each digital transformation is going to be different for everyone. We’ll set appropriate goals and timelines to give you a clear understanding of the project. It’s important to us that we keep your business running in the process.

The readiness to adapt is the right mindset for a digital transformation. We are experts in digital transformation and will walk you through everything from start to finish. Ask us all your questions.

It’s okay, totally nothing to worry about! New technology does take time to learn, but with our help you’ll have an easy process of adapting. We’ll walk you through every step of the way to ensure you understand.

The first step in a digital transformation is hiring an advisor to walk you through the process and build it. Costs will vary depending on each business. The Government of Canada is offering a grant of $15,000 to help with a digital transformation. Ask us about the CDAP grant.

No, technology will play a big role in your digital transformation, but it’s so much more. A digital transformation can increase efficiency, improve customer expectations and be ahead of their competitors. It’s about helping you adapt and grow with your business.

Stepping up innovation through digital transformation has become a top priority for top leading companies in this ever changing digital age.


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