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Drawing from a rich legacy of Asian beauty, specifically that from South Korea, Kiseu is dedicated to restoring and reinvigorating cherished traditions of health and skincare. In close partnership with Kiseu, Advesa developed their brand from its infancy into a full suite of digital assets including an eCommerce site and product concept.





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The Challenge

With a focus on quality ingredients and holistic skincare, the Asian beauty market has garnered a rapid increase in online revenue. To position Kiseu as a fierce competitor and educational resource for all things beauty, we were required to design their brand from the ground up - from their identity and product packaging to an eCommerce and blog site.

The Digital Opportunity

Online accessibility has ushered in a new era of shopping. Purchasing habits are changing and customer experience expectations are rising. As more and more shoppers are turning to online outlets, we saw an opportunity to make things more personal for the Kiseu brand. To keep people engaged, we launched an online platform as unique as Kiseu’s customers.

Digital Opportunity
Kiseu Skin Care

Reinventing Proper Skincare

With the brand identity design, we defined the visual communication of Kiseu and what they stand for as a brand. Their philosophy stems from the belief that beauty and self love can be cultivated from a lifestyle approach to skincare. This was the direction we took when we created brand values and the tone of voice, before going into visual concepts.

Enhancing Shopability Through Custom Packaging

We designed Kiseu’s products to be giftable and proudly displayed at home. Soft, clean and modern, the inner packaging features a matte-glass appearance and silver detailing, imparting a magical hand-touched feel. The outer box design displays a custom drawn Hibiscus flower as a national symbol of Korea but also as a signifier of natural purity and beauty.

Kiseu Packaging Kiseu Packaging
User Customization User Customization

Focus on Customization to Focus on Users

We designed a best-in-class web experience which connects the unique skincare preferences of shoppers (skin type, skin concern) with specific skincare routines that guide them towards main conversion actions. This process yielded a comprehensive digital experience that balances customization, product education, and lead generation principles.

Client Success

Offering a personalized experience is one of the best ways to build loyalty with customers. This strategy has allowed Kiseu to simplify the selection and purchasing process while catering to the skincare needs and desires of each shopper. Through an aesthetically clean and intuitive website, Kiseu is seen as more than a product hub, but a reliable skincare solutions provider.

“When we found Advesa, we instantly knew they were a perfect fit for our needs. In less than a year, we created a new brand image, an eCommerce website and a product line that surpassed all expectations.”

- Ashley Seong, CEO, Kiseu

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