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Maple Leaf Bakery

Established in 1988 by the Tam family, Maple Leaf Bakery has been serving Vancouver’s West End community for over 30 years. As the premier choice for their scrumptious selection of baked goods, the Tams were looking to capitalize on the potential that an increasingly digital-first world presented. We worked closely with Maple Leaf to design their brand identity and launch their first website.

Maple Leaf Bakery




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The Challenge

As Vancouver’s #1 choice for freshly baked goods, Maple Leaf Bakery has stood the test of time with their handcrafted recipes made from gluten-free ingredients. With an influx of daily in-store, catering and wholesale orders, Maple Leaf needed a web and mobile application that could feature their menu and services while still being simple to use.

The Digital Opportunity

For decades, the Tams have been operating through traditional forms of marketing such as word of mouth and storefront advertising. As competing bakeries continue to leverage digital marketing to expand their customer reach, a high impact digital strategy was necessary for Maple Leaf to stay ahead of the curve and expand into regions outside of central Vancouver.

Maple Leaf Bakery
Maple Leaf Bakery

Brand Focus + Clarity

After a series of design-thinking sessions and iterations, we designed a brand image to reflect the friendly and nostalgic values of the family-owned bakery - cheerful, lively and modern.

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A Taste of Web Marketing

We designed a responsive eCommerce experience which allows for product/service discovery and purchase through a novel approach. As an intuitive interface, the website was designed as a central hub to showcase Maple Leaf’s delectable menu and success story while streamlining the management of direct consumer, catering and wholesale orders.

Client Success

The success of Maple Leaf’s digital experiences are measured by their ability to serve customers and businesses on an ongoing basis. Thanks to a successful rebrand and compelling user experience, the site has allowed the Tams to increase brand awareness by 22% while sustaining their growing presence.

“Working with the Advesa team was a genuine delight. They were able to capture our vision into a beautiful website.”

- Raymond Tam, Bakery Founder & Proprietor, Maple Leaf Bakery

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Maple Leaf Bakery